Whitewater Nose Clips

Winter means more pool roll practices.  I need nose clips for chlorine pools!

Why make your own nose clips?  They only cost $8 each.

  • Because you can
  • Because you don’t like paying $8
  • (Me) Because you seem to need/lose a pair and a whitewater shop isn’t convenient/quick enough

You can find quite a few “recipes” on the net.  Quite a few use copper wire and glue small squares of minicell or foam or rubber (or a combination).  I think I have seen at least one method online that uses Sugru (at least I know I got this idea from someone else – not my original concept!)  That is what I am showing here – they use copper wire and a self-curing rubber called Sugru.  The Sugru cures harder than minicell, but I think the end product is more durable.

Cost of these nose plugs is less than $1.50 each.  Biggest cost is a 5g package of Sugru, which has enough for 2 pairs.  An 8 pack cost about $20 or so with shipping.

Instructions don’t require words.  Just look at the pictures. You need:

  • Tool(s) for cutting and bending and stripping copper wire
  • 12 gauge (some use 14, I prefer the more rigid 12) wire
  • a 5g package of sugru

Cut wire to size (I use 12 gauge, some like 14 gauge).  Strip ends and bend.  Use trial and error to fit your nose – the bent loops should be positioned where most confortable.  Wire is cheap, so play with it!

Open Sugru, separate into 4 pieces, flatten each and wrap around bent end of wire, mold with fingers.   Working time is 30 minutes, curing time is 24 hours.  Finish product (the sugru) is hard with a slight bit of flex – enough that my nose doesn’t mind!

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