Climbing “Pinky”

Chloe looking up!

Today I gave Chloe her own tree climbing harness – I could not wait until Christmas! After a few hours of practice practice on a climbing rig that I setup on the porch at the cabin, Chloe was set to try it for real.

I chose a smaller tree, which Chloe named “Pinky.” Pinky was on the thin but climbable side, with only a single well-defined crotch. While I normally don’t like to do this, I hung two ropes from a single crotch about 40′ up on the main trunk. The first was placed via a throw-line, then I climbed up to set the second.

Chloe had a great time! Not much fear of heights! She probably got over 20 feet off the ground.

For more photos, best to visit Gwyneth’s blog post.

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