1993 Eurovan MV Weekender “pop top” SOLD

SOLD in April 2014.  Left posted here for nostalgic purposes …

1993 VW Eurovan MV Weekender. 156K+ miles.  Silver/gray with white pop top.

We are selling Evie, our 1993 Eurovan.  She was purchased in February 2011 with 123K miles.  The previously owner said Evie spent much of her life on the west coast, and was brought to the east coast after acquired from a family member. No rust. Evie has carried our family of 4 on several amazing road trips, including a 9000 mile trip out west. We have been with her from coastal California campgrounds to the Cape Cod seashore, and from Wyoming and the Dakotas south to Texas.  She has the wear and tear of a van her age, but is in good condition and we have attentively maintained her. Nearly all service has been performed at Karma VW Repair.  She is garaged at our home in Decatur, Georgia, a few miles east of downtown Atlanta.

This ad is long, but is intended to be as complete and honest description as possible since many who may be interested may be looking from a long distance.

Features and Specs.

This is the Weekender model – not the full camper with the heater/stove/sink, but the more open model that is roomier and more flexible (and some say, harder to find). Two rear facing seats behind the front seats, and the seat behind the front passenger seat is removable. Rear, forward facing, bench seat. Pop out table between the bench and the drivers side rear facing seat. 12V cooler under the drivers side rear facing seat. The bench folds flat for ample interior sleeping room, and of course there is the pop top!  When the pop top is up, it is also possible to lift the ceiling to provide standing room (e.g., getting changed – see photos). There is storage behind the bench seat and ample storage (access from rear) beneath. We routinely stored sleeping bags, folding chairs, camp stove, and other camping necessities beneath the bench seat.  Folded flat, it can also haul a lot of cargo, both on the folded down seat as well as beneath.  Pullback curtains for all windows except the front door windows.  Very little wear or staining on the seats and cushions/pads, given its age.  Carpeting is clean, but does have spots/stains from camping through the years (update – just shampooed, appearance improved).  No excessive wear on carpet.  Floor mats (two large in the rear, plus two in the front) have helped protect the carpet. Poptop fabric has no holes/tears, all zippers work. There is a minor seam rip (more like a 1mm gap, not a tear) on the front fabric a few inches in length, backed by tape just to prevent it from becoming a tear.

A second 12V deep cycle battery under the drivers seat powers the interior lights, 12V cooler, and one 12V outlet I installed at the rear of the driver’s seat for easy power in the rear. In a pinch, you can even use the second battery to jump start the first (yes I have done it!).  AC and heat work fine – no AC issues beyond replacing the compressor last year. Electric windows/locks/ mirror controls. Cruise control. Automatic transmission. Mileage is 15 mpg city and 18-20 mpg highway.  Has always passed Georgia emissions, most recently in October 2013.  Title is clean and in possession. VIN:  WV2MC0700PH060372


  • JVC car stereo with removable face plate, USB and front aux inputs and rear aux input. Designed to work seamlessly with iPhone/iPod devices. There is a remote control for the radio (we have never used it). Rear auxiliary input is connected to a Pioneer INNO XM receiver cradle mounted where the ashtray used to be (no, I don’t have the ashtray). XM Antenna is mounted on hood. I will provide a used unactivated Pioneer INNO receiver if requested, otherwise the power/audio/antenna connections can likely be reconnected to a newer Sirius/XM device.
  • XM receiver cradle is mounted where the ashtray should be.  I do not have the original ashtray.
  • 2 gang electrical outlet in rear with pass-through plug on outside of van. This is not powered by the battery, but makes camping easier – power cord to outside of van – working electrical outlets inside.  This was installed by a previous owner.
  • 12V outlet installed at base of drivers seat and powered by aux battery. Makes rear access to 12V power a lot easier and provides a useful device charging port when the van is off.
  • I have modified the 12V cooler wiring to allow it to be powered by an external 110VAC power supply and installed a lighted switch to indicate if the cooler is powered by the battery or external supply.  Power supply is included.
  • 1.25 inch trailer hitch and electrical connector for trailer lighting.  We have never towed a trailer.  While I cannot used the trailer electrical connector, the LED indicators on the connector lights properly when brakes and turn signals are applied.
  • Home-made magnet-attached bug nets/doors to cover the side door and rear opening when camping. I fabricated these from a large bolt of mosquito netting and a large number of neomydium magnets.

Repair and maintenance history.

We spent almost $4000 in repairs when we first bought it – these were all deferred maintenance repairs expected at this age. For the years 2012 and 2013 repair and maintenance costs have averaged about $200/month. Oil has been changed regularly and we use synthetic oil. All repairs and nearly all local service has been performed at Karma VW. Karma uses OEM parts as much as possible.   All service receipts from Karma VW can be provided for the services below.

March/April 2011: Replaced ball joints. Replaced water pump. Replaced timing belt. Routine belts replaced. Driver side mirror reattached. Electrical fix for flakey gas/temperature cluster. New front brake pads and rotors. Replaced auxiliary battery with a new deep cycle battery. Alignment adjusted after repairs.

June 2011: new AC compressor (road trip repair – compressor pulley got loose, shredded belt. Aftermarket NAPA product)

July 2011: AC controls/electrical repair. Recharged AC after repair.

February 2012: New tires at 137K. Tires are rated for 80K miles.

May 2012: replaced interior dash frame, which was causing AC/heat controls to not work right.

August 2012: another new AC compressor. OEM this time!

October 2012: new distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs, ignition wires

April 2013: replace leaking coolant flange, vacuum line to ECM, leaking valve cover gasket, passenger side CV boot

May 2013: new primary battery (have receipt for pro-rated warranty), new alternator

October 2013: drivers side CV boot, replace seal around switch in transmission where transmission fluid was leaking.

Issues a future owner should be aware of.

  • There is a minor dent on the passenger side towards the rear. We never considered it worth repairing.  See photo.
  • The 12V cooler runs great when the engine is running, or under exterior power. When the engine is off and it is powered by the aux battery, it sometimes makes a clicking sound, which I believe is a relay in the cooler kicking in for a marginal voltage (the cooler has a cutoff switch to avoid draining the aux battery).  It also happens sometimes while running when a lot of accessories are turned on (like running the heat at high fan while blasting the stereo), so I think again it is a voltage-sensitive issue in the cooler itself.  We are very happy with how cold the cooler is.
  • Sometimes the temperature gauge runs high (3/4 instead of the normal 1/2).  This is associated with the coolant light flashing for a few minutes after the van starts, and then the temperature gauge will suddenly jump up from 1/2 to 3/4.  The coolant system is fine (temp OK, fluid levels OK). We suspect it is a minor electrical/gauge issue, and needs a simple electrical repair similar to what was done in March 2011.  We are waiting for the problem to become repeatable on a regular basis before taking it to the repair shop.
  • The engine runs fine – it is a 2.5L Audi inline 5 cylinder, used on 1993-1996 models of this van. Due to its age, one should expect leaks due to worn seals or old hoses. We fix them as they occur.
  • The van has aftermarket plastic hub caps. I can provide 3 of the original VW hubcaps if desired.
  • Older VW vans have cracked or worn interior trim work.  When we acquired the van, much of the trim was “sticky” (see online forums for discussion of this).  I have regularly applied 303 (a UV protectant, similar to Armor All) and eliminated the stickiness.  There are cracks at the tops of the A Pillars above the front doors, and along the top of the sliding door (see photos). No sign of cracks getting worse (these all existed when vehicle was acquired).
  • Two chips in windshield have been filled by glass repair shop

Price.  All reasonable offers entertained – the worst I can do is say no.  Kelly Blue Book value for this model in this condition was $13000 before it got too old last year to be listed 🙂 eBay auction prices range from $6K to $12K for this model and general year (I have tracked most auctions over the past year).  Email rob AT butera DOT org for more information.  Potential buyers can pay for an inspection prior to sale – I recommend Karma VW Repair just two miles away from us, even if they are where all my service was performed.  They are good, honest, and local.  Payment must be in wired funds to a US bank account.

Sale includes:

  • The van as described
  • Original owner’s manual, 12V cooler manual, stereo manual, documentation for connecting 12V cooler to 110VAC power
  • 110VAC to 13.8VDC power supply for powering cooler from 110VAC and associated connection wires
  • Custom-fit front window shade with black and reflective sides
  • Original tire jack, after-market cross-style lug wrench
  • tire repair kit, 12V-powered air compressor, spare tire mounted beneath
  • Emergency road flares, orange road-hazard triangles, jumper cables
  • 1.25″ Trailer hitch and electrical adapter for trailer
  • 3 spare (OEM) VW hubcaps (current hubcaps are aftermarket)
  • 4 stacking RV-style “leveling” blocks – place under tires to level vehicle on a gradient
  • VW Transporter T4 1990-95 Workshop manual Owner’s Edition (by Brookland Books)
  • optional: used not-activated Pioneer INNO2 XM receiver (fits provided cradle).  Even if you don’t take it, the electrical/audio/antenna wiring I installed can likely be connected to a new Sirius/XM receiver.
  • the bicycle rack in the pictures is NOT included
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