Bike Trunk

I have had a few questions around campus and on the road about my “bike trunk.” So here are a few photos and a brief description.

Why? I’ve had one of those soft side trunks that straps to a bike rack. Most of it is general necessities for biking – lights, tube, repair stuff, bungee, spare glasses. I HATE having to take it on and off the bike every time I stop somewhere.  They are not designed for quick release.  And since I work on a college campus, anything on a bike is a potential theft item.  So I sought to craft something permanent and lockable on my bike rack.

I settled on a 30 cal ammo box.  A wider box would be nicer, but the 30 cal is narrown enough on the rack that I can still mount my panniers on the rack when I need to use them.  The box is mounted to the rack with 4 1/4-20 bolts, lock washers inside and rubber lined washers (for grab) on the outside. Inside the box the bottom is 1/2″ of minicell foam and I glued thin foam (shelf liner) to the sides to minimize rattling.  The lock is simply an adjustable shackle lock through two holes that I glued.  Finally,  I added two u-bolts to the side to make it easier to carry my 12″ long bicycle lock.

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